Stop and smell the roses, enjoy the ride and don't go so fast through all the beauty! $25 giclee print available at the Made Vibrant Art Shop.
Stop and smell the roses, enjoy the ride and don't go so fast through all the beauty! $25 giclee print available at the Made Vibrant Art Shop.


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Nothing can take the place of what you bring to the world!

About this print:

  • 9” x 12” fine art giclee print
  • Printed on thick high quality, acid-free archival paper stock with an enhanced matte finish
  • Reproduced from original acrylic painting by Caroline Kelso Winegeart
  • Does not come with frame

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This piece was created as a part of my 2016 project #AbstractAffirmationsDaily where I share an abstract piece of art with a positive message every day. Here's the story that accompanies this piece, posted on 2/5/2016:

One of the biggest positive changes I’ve seen in my life has been from letting go of my sense of urgency. I’ve always felt this need to do everything NOW, to have everything NOW, to live the future that I envision RIGHT NOW. In the past, it’s that sense of needing to make things happen like yesterday that has led me to overwork myself and over-program my schedule. At best it’s made me productive but exhausted and at worst it’s actually made me unhealthy and even physically ill. Recognizing this, I made my word last year “savor” in an effort to slow down, soak up more rest in my life and give gratitude more often.

Looking back I can definitely see how this small intention amounted to big changes in my stress levels and overall health, leading me to a version of my life that now feels much more balanced and sustainable. This year, though, I wanted to take that concept one step further by really limiting my focus to one single project at a time. I wanted to replace that sense of urgency with a deliberate pace that I could maintain.

It hasn’t been easy. Every day I think of a new project or new thing I want to tackle to reach my goals faster and to have all of my ideas come to fruition NOW. But that’s when I remind myself: there’s no need to rush.

There’s no need to run around with a false sense of insistence all the time. My ideas will still be there, waiting for me to give them my all when I’m most able. But the difference is that now I’ll be the best version of myself when it’s time to tackle them (not the burnt-out, stressed out version of myself that often comes from finding myself in a perpetual state of blitz.) I know we all have big dreams, and that’s great. But remember that on your way to accomplishing those dreams, it’s okay to slow down a bit and take in the view too. In fact, I would argue, it’s kind of the point. 😉