Visual Vocab 02: A Bold, Urban + Graphic Mood Board


Comin’ atcha with a brand new Visual Vocab today featuring bold, urban and graphic inspiration.

My style tends to bend toward this look a bit anyway – the high contrast, bright colors, graphic elements – so it’s no surprise to you guys that this week I selfishly chose these words from the word bank.

One subtlety that’s worth pointing out is that word “urban.” Urban might mean different things to different people, but when I picture that word I think of an old downtown concrete-scape. I think of exposed brick and plastered walls. Basically to me it means texture. That’s why I love the pink brick photo, the abstract art piece behind the neon dipped vases, and the wood that the stag head is on. If you swapped out “urban” with “clean” in this case, it would have been a very different board because I would have steered clear of those imperfect and textured pieces.



Big Joy / Abstract Art / Teal Deer / B&W Lettering / Exposed Brick / Stella Cabinet / Dipped Vases

While I know the neon trend has kind of run its course, to me this isn’t quite that. It’s a really fine line between neon and graphic brights, but hopefully this treads that line. Anyway, I’ll definitely be keeping this one in my back pocket. Hope you guys enjoy!