Color Your Soul with WONDER and the December Daily Challenge

Holy cannoli, how in the world is it the end of the year already? 

It always sneaks up on me! Anyway, it's the beginning of the month and you know what that means... a new #MVColorYourSoul theme! (Not sure what Color Your Soul is? Read more about it here!)

As I considered topics for this last issue of 2016, I realized that I wanted something that might act as a counterbalance to the often hectic and stressful energy that the holidays brings. 

As Andy Williams says: "It's the most WONDERful time of the year..." and yet we run around like a bunch of chickens trying to buy up presents and nail down travel plans and hope that Aunt Bertha doesn't cause a ruckus at the dinner table again this year, and we tend to lose sight of the magic that's so available to us during this season. 

But that's true of every season, isn't it? 

More often than not we get so caught up in the hustle and bustle that we forget to slow down and see the beauty, the awe... the WONDER

So that's what I wanted to bring our collective attention to. 

This month, I want you to Color Your Soul with WONDER.

Inside the December Color Your Soul issue, we're exploring this idea of wonder through three different sub-themes all month long: AWE, CURIOSITY and DELIGHT. 

Which brings me to the December daily creative challenge: #WinterWonder30!

Join the December daily challenge: 


The goal with the #MVColorYourSoul daily challenge, as always, is to offer you prompts and exercises to spend just 5 minutes a day folding the monthly theme into your life. 

You can use the prompts to inspire photos, drawings, poems, journal entries, etc. -- just some creative expression sparked by the theme.

This month's daily prompts are in three sections — awe, curiosity, and delight — meant to help you explore WONDER in different ways throughout the month. 

If you want to share your creations or your insights on lnstagram, be sure to use the tags #MVcoloryoursoul and #WinterWonder30 to chat with other participants.

Here's the list of daily prompts:


While there's no prize up for grabs this month, I hope the challenge will still serve as a fun way to shake up your creativity and bring more Wonder to your holiday season. 


Get The Prompts in a Free Printable Workbook!

This month... the workbook is back! I've created a free PDF workbook that you can use to house all your daily drawings/journal entries etc. 

Remember, use the pages of the printable workbook in any way you like: as a journal to spend 5 minutes a day writing about each prompt, as a coloring book to create art related to the daily prompt, or simply as a visual reminder that you can pick up daily.

ps. Here's how to turn your PDF into a mini booklet like in the photo above! 

Step 1: Download the PDF using the button above. 
Step 2: Open the PDF using Adobe and select Print
Step 3: Select Booklet under Page Sizing and Handling. I chose to go with Both Sides and a Left Binding. 
Step 4: Wait for your pages to print and assemble your booklet using staples as your binding.
Step 5: Enjoy your mini coloring book/workbook all month long!

Whether you decide to share your work or not, the goal is to fold more Wonder into your daily routine. In this craziness of the holiday season, I hope these prompts bring a spark of beauty and magic to your life. 

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