#BetterLetteringCourse October Challenge: #InspiredbyInstaOctober

Psst..This challenge has already finished from October 2015. Feel free to use the prompt list below but prizes are no longer available! For the latest challenge details, click here.

I'm especially excited about October's lettering challenge, because this month we are switching it up, my friends!

Not only are we changing up the prizes, we've got a fun new theme that should stretch your creativity and get you excited to keep creating on a regular basis!

As most of you know, for the past few months I've been giving away one MEGA prize pack to a lucky, randomly selected winner who participates in the monthly challenge.

And while it's been awesome to see the excitement generated by that, I have to be honest, every month I find myself thinking, I want more people to win! (What can I say, I'm a sucker for giving away fun prizes!)

So... this month I've decided to up the ante and give away 5 (yes, 5!) total creativity prize packs, each with lettering and creativity goodies that will leave you inspired, plus a custom hand-lettered piece by me! (You can check out what's in each prize pack below!)

Now, what about the new theme?

Introducing... #InspiredByInstaOctober! I wanted a way to bring a fresh perspective to the daily prompt list, plus encourage more interaction in the fantastic #BetterLetteringCourse community that has developed, and that's where the "Inspired by Insta" idea came from. 

The idea is to look through your Instagram feed and find photos that inspire you. Then, every day of the month, use the prompt list below to create a lettering piece based on the word of the day and created with your inspiration photo in mind! Tag the user who inspired you in your caption, and share your photo so we can see your beautiful work AND see how you interpreted a unique piece of inspiration! Here's an idea of how that might work so you can visualize it: 


**Keep in mind you DO NOT have to include the "inspired by" tag actually on your image like I did, just be sure to include it in your caption.** 

So... what do you say? Are you in?

If so, I hope you'll click this tweet and invite some of your friends/followers to play along! The more people in the community, the more we can encourage each other with our art. 

Join me in the #BetterLetteringCourse October Challenge by @ckelso! 5 prize packs are up for grabs!

Join me in the #BetterLetteringCourse October Challenge by @ckelso! 5 prize packs are up for grabs!

October Prize Pack Giveaway Details



The prize pack listed below is worth over $60 and this month, FIVE winners will receive this full prize pack:


1. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert (Hardcover) - $13 (aff link)

2. Sharpie Pine Point Assorted 24-Pack - $13 (aff link)

3. Just Add Color: Geometric Patterns by Lisa Congdon - $11 (aff link)

4. Sanford Prismacolor Watercolor Pencil Set, 12 pack - $12 (aff link)

5. A custom hand-lettered “Sharpie” lettering piece by me! You give me your phrase or quote, I'll design an 8 x 10 hand-lettered piece with your custom colors!



Every day of October, post a photo of your lettering practice on Instagram using the prompt list below as your daily subject. Interpret each word in any way you like (or just letter the word itself!)

As for the style of your lettering piece, select a photo on Instagram to serve as your inspiration and be sure to tag the user who inspired you in your post caption.

Every day you complete your practice counts as ONE ENTRY to win one of the five prize packs up for grabs that you see above. (Max one entry per day for all 31 days of October.) 

The more days you practice, the more chances you have to win!



1. You can letter any word, phrase, lyric, sentence, etc., but it must be at least one word and the word(s) or phrases must be different every day of the challenge. The October prompt list below is encouraged, but it's not required. You can choose whatever subject you like! 

2. You MUST include #BetterLetteringCourse in your caption AND tag an Instagram user whose photo served as your inspiration in order for your entry to be counted. 

(Also feel free to include #InspiredByInstaOctober but it's not required.) Please don't post photos of work you've already completed -- the point is to show up that day and create for the sake of practice! I do my best to check out everyone's work, but feel free to tag me in your caption so I can see your daily pieces - I'm @ckelso!

3. You must be a student of the #BetterLetteringCourse to enter. If you haven't joined us yet, it's only $20 for lifetime access to all 15 videos, teaching you the basics of hand-lettering! 



Excited to see what all of you create this month. Let's stretch our creative legs and push our own boundaries! 

Happy making! Looking forward to it!