#ColorYourSoulDaily September Challenge Details

Monthly challenges are BACK with a whole new twist! 

As you all know, for almost two years now I've been hosting a monthly Instagram lettering challenge for the #BetterLetteringCourse to practice lettering skills daily, and it's been a big hit. 

BUT, earlier this year I started thinking about how to reimagine this monthly challenge thing into something EVERYONE in the Made Vibrant community could enjoy, not just the lettering lovers. 

So, the monthly lettering challenge has now been replaced by the #ColorYourSoulDaily Challenge -- a daily Instagram challenge for soulful creatives! 

Each challenge acts as a companion to the Color Your Soul monthly theme, and the daily prompts include creative activities and self-reflection exercises that you can complete in just 15 minutes a day! The idea is to help you integrate the monthly theme into your life through ACTION. 

This month, the goal is to use the challenge to bring more FREEDOM into your life.

I created a free printable #ColorYourSoulDaily coloring/activity workbook to keep you excited about the daily prompts (and to give you something to photos of for your Instagram posts!)

How you use the workbook is totally up to you! Add photos, drawings, lettering, writing... whatever your soulful creative heart desires!

Just post your daily work on Instagram using the #ColorYourSoulDaily tag and see what insights emerge throughout the month!

Win prizes for participating!

Sorry, this challenge is now over!

Now because I LOVE sending happy mail to people, I'll randomly select three challenge participants every month to get a small-but-VIBRANT care package from me! 

**Keep in mind that while anyone can join the monthly challenge and use the free workbook, only Color Your Soul Subscribers are eligible to win prizes!** 


Here's how to enter:

+ Step 1: Download the FREE workbook above.

I created a printable PDF workbook as a tangible, visible way to keep you committed to the challenge all month long. Use the pages to interpret the prompts with your own creativity and flare. Use stickers, lettering, photos -- get creative! 

While the workbook is meant to be a fun way to enjoy the challenge, it's totally optional! You can still post your photos without the workbook and you're entered to win! 

+ Step 2: Post a photo of your daily exercises on Instagram with the tag #ColorYourSoulDaily.

I'll be picking posts to feature each week on my Instagram account. Each day you post, that counts as one entry into the random drawing!

+ Step 3: Win a surprise package from me! 

Three winners will be randomly selected from the entries to get a VIBRANT surprise from me in the mail. Some examples of mystery items in your happy package: my favorite art supplies, free Abstract Affirmations prints, stationery, stickers, and more!