What's Included:


Every month I publish a new treasure trove of creative content centered around a central theme. This theme is meant to serve as a lens through which you can examine your life, your business or your creative pursuits -- to gain deeper understanding and make  changes to live more authentically. Explore the issue inside a members-only web experience OR download as a digital magazine and enjoy on your favorite reading device.


among other things, here's what's included in each digital issue:

Exclusive Printables & Downloads

Check out calendars, desktop wallpapers and phone backgrounds with designs inspired by the Color Your Soul theme!


Weekly "Soul Studies" Emails

Get soulful journal prompts and questions sent to you every Sunday as a way of staying connected to your core self and exploring the Color Your Soul theme.


 ColorYourSoulDaily Challenge

Participate in the Instagram challenge with a workbook of daily prompts & exercises around the monthly theme. Anyone can join the challenge but only subscribers are eligible to win a surprise Vibrant Mail package from me!


New online classes are added every month on art, authentic business and personal growth. Classes range from $20 - $40, so take just ONE class a month and your subscription will be worth it for this alone!

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Remember, you get:
+ Visual inspiration and links to get inspired by the monthly theme
+ Behind-the-scenes peek at my custom Color Your Soul sketchbook
+ Printable calendars and wallpaper downloads with custom art
+ Weekly Soul Studies emails with journal prompts
+ Eligibility to win prizes in the #MVcoloryoursoul Challenge
+ Ongoing access to the Made Vibrant class catalog (new classes each month!)

Frequently Asked Questions

+ What if I’ve already purchased an MV online class?

First of all, thanks! Hope you’re enjoying your class! If you’ve already purchased a class, you’ll have access for life, and you’ll be able to access the content regardless of whether you’re a Color Your Soul Subscriber or not. If you join and cancel your subscription, your original class access will NOT be revoked so you’re good to go!

+ Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Of course! I hope you LOOOOVE your Color Your Soul Subscription as much as I loved creating it for you but I know as seasons change you may want to cancel your subscription. All you have to do is shoot us an email and we’ll cancel for you. Keep in mind that when that happens, your access to Made Vibrant classes will be revoked (unless you’ve purchased a class separately in which case you’ll have forever access.)

+ Can I upgrade from the monthly plan to the yearly plan?

Yes! If you sign up for the monthly plan and like what you see, you can definitely upgrade at any time. Just shoot us an email (hello@madevibrant.com) letting us know and we'll send you the link to upgrade. Your yearly plan price will be prorated based on how many days into the month you are.

+ What is the difference between buying a class and getting access through Color Your Soul?

When you BUY a Made Vibrant class, you get forever access meaning you’ll be able to view and revisit the content for years to come! When you become a Color Your Soul Subscriber, you only have access to the classes as long as you remain a subscriber. Think of it like the difference between buying a DVD vs. paying for a Netflix subscription! With a subscription you get access to a bunch of different awesome classes, but only as long as you stay subscribed. :)

+ Are ALL your classes available through Color Your Soul?

Unfortunately, no. While most classes are available through Color Your Soul, the Better Branding Course (which is a massive four module, 26 lesson branding course) is sold separately. Also, any class collaborations are not included, like my latest class with Brit + Co, Build Your Digital Brand!

+ Can I get a refund?

Sorry but there are no refunds for Color Your Soul because the content is digital and delivered immediately. However, you can cancel your account at any time and you won’t pay for another month.

Still have a question? Reach out to us at hello@madevibrant.com and we'll do our best to get back to you shortly!