a mindfulness membership community for soulful creatives


You want to achieve your big dreams.
You want the world to embrace your creative work.
You want to see your effort pay off.


You're tired of sacrificing your sanity to get there. 
You're tired of feeling like your relationships have to suffer,
or your health has to suffer,
or your sleep habits have to suffer to get there.

When it comes down to it, what you really want is FREEDOM.

Financial freedom so you can live your life without worry and burnout.
Creative freedom to follow your inspiration where it leads.
Freedom to travel. To take breaks. To savor moments. 
To slow down & LIVE rather than feeling like you’re in a constant sprint.

Freedom to design a life around what success means TO YOU,
without losing your joy in the process. 


Here's the little recognized secret about getting all that and more:

* ALIGNMENT is the key to sustainable achievement.*

Alignment is understanding who you are at your core
-- what you really want, what that quiet voice inside desires when the expectations of the world are stripped away --
and then designing a life that matches that core.
When you’re taking action that is clearly aligned with your unique core desires, everything starts to flow.
You have more energy.
You feel lighter, more creative, more productive.

And THAT is what fuels you toward those big dreams WITHOUT constantly burning out.



The hard part isn't KNOWING what things we can do to improve our lives; the hard part is DOING the things we can do to improve our lives.

Even if we get a clear sense of what makes us feel most vibrant, actually DOING those things on a daily basis and
staying within that alignment is the part that keeps us from living our brightest lives.

Yet very few people out there are offering ways to help you STAY aligned on an ongoing basis.


That's where Color Your Soul comes in!


Color Your Soul is a soulful membership community that makes the self-discipline of leading your most vibrant life easier by doing some of the heavy lifting for you.

Each month we choose ONE central mindfulness theme to explore within the community, along with several ways for you to keep the theme top-of-mind as you go about your life. You have a group of like-minded, growth-oriented, REAL creative entrepreneurs like you to pull you back to your own values when you get off-course.

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What's Included in Color Your Soul:


Color Your Soul Private Slack Community 

Come hang out with dozens of other soulful creative entrepreneurs in a closed Slack group led by the Made Vibrant team as we swap war stories, get feedback from one another, AND share meaningfully and vulnerably about our individual journeys to living our most vibrant lives. You'll get daily conversation starters, links to inspiration, and exclusive video messages from me that you can't get anywhere else. Consider this group your accountability crew to help you stay mindful of what makes you feel most aligned. 

Color Your Soul Monthly Digital Magazine

Every month I publish a new treasure trove of creative content centered around a central theme. This theme is meant to serve as a lens through which you can examine your life, your business or your creative pursuits -- to gain deeper understanding and make  changes to live more authentically. Explore the issue inside a members-only web experience OR download as a digital magazine and enjoy on your favorite reading device.

Bonus Access to the Made Vibrant Class Catalog

On top of the community and the digital mag, you also get ongoing BONUS access to every Made Vibrant class at no additional charge! New online classes are added every month on art, authentic business and personal growth. Classes included in your subscription: Better Lettering Course, Draw Your Memories, Acrylic Explorations, Your First E-Course, Connecting With Your Core workshop, and Make Money Making workshop. **Note: subscription does not include Better Branding Course.

Exclusive Printable Art & Downloads

The thing I love about the Made Vibrant audience -- creativity is in your bones! You love when visual inspiration meets heartfelt insight, and that's exactly why every month you also get a new crop of printable calendars, desktop wallpapers and phone backgrounds with designs inspired by the Color Your Soul theme!

Weekly "Soul Studies" Emails

Taking time for regular reflection and recalibration is crucial to staying in alignment. But setting aside that half hour can be so hard, can't it? And what kinds of questions do you even ask yourself? Fear not, we have you covered once again! Get soulful journal prompts and questions sent to you every Sunday as a way of staying connected to your core self and exploring the Color Your Soul theme. All you have to do is pick up your journal/pen, open the email, and see what you uncover.


It's like a monthly digital Birchbox FOR THE SOUL.


Join The Party Now!

CHOOSE YOUR BEST SELF. (With a little help!)

This plan includes:

  • Color Your Soul Private Slack Community access
  • Free Access to Made Vibrant Classes (new classes added every month)
  • Color Your Soul Monthly Magazine in Interactive Browser & Magazine formats
  • Exclusive Printable Art & Downloads
  • Weekly "Soul Studies" Emails with journal prompts and exercises to stimulate growth and personal wisdom

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