** New This Month! **

Stories From Soulful Creatives

This month, to expand the Color Your Soul experience, I wanted to include perspectives and voices that weren't just mine on the monthly theme. That's why I've reached out to two of my dear friends who I think have particularly powerful and insightful points of view to share with you all on very different elements of confidence.



Leah Lou owns a style empowerment business where she helps women find confidence on the outside through their style by first finding it within themselves. She also happens to be my best friend. Leah and I met in elementary school but became inseparable in high school, and our friendship has only grown and deepened as we've shared our journeys of personal discovery with one another. I have always admired Leah for her FIERCE outer confidence -- you name the accessory or trend or wild head scarf and this woman can pull it off like no one else -- but I've also had the honor of seeing her develop love for her own inner, more vulnerable side over the years, something she shares beautifully and honestly in the piece below. I hope you'll read her words with an open heart and know that they come from one of us -- a soulful creative through and through.

Steph Halligan is also an incredible inspiration to me and someone I'm lucky enough to call my friend. I was introduced to Steph's work earlier this year when I was starting my Abstract Affirmations daily art project and someone on Twitter sent my Steph's site, Art To Self, where she shares a different self-reflection cartoon every single day. Over the months and through Skype calls every other week, Steph and I have developed a friendship and connection over our shared daily creative practice. We're able to swap emotional war stories about the roller coaster that sometimes is running a creative business, and I know she can relate to the daily struggles of self-doubt that can come with sharing your work on a regular basis. BUT she can also relate to the immense power we've both discovered in daily intentional PRACTICE, and that's what her piece lays out so well. 



Both of these ladies have poured themselves into these pieces, so I hope you enjoy reading a bit about each of them and their perspective, and I hope you take away insights on how to cultivate your own confidence through ownership, courage and practice.