These eight original art pieces were created through the lens of this month's theme. Hover over each piece to read more about its origins, and be sure to scroll down to The Gallery to download each piece in various forms to surround yourself with HEARTFUL art inspiring freedom all month long. My hope is that each piece serves as both a visual cue and a thought-stirring catalyst for self-discovery.

If you find yourself inspired by the topics in this issue, I hope you'll consider creating your own work and sharing with the tag #ColorYourSoulSketchbook. Tag me (@ckelso) on Instagram -- I'd love to see and share your work!

More fun stuff to get you inspired around Freedom:

  • TRY LISTENING TO: the Magic Lessons podcast with Liz Gilbert, Season 2, Episode 1 - one of my favorite podcasts and I especially love Liz's chat with Sarah Jones in the second half who asks what if JOY were our only metric for success
  • TRY READING: "Essentialism" by Greg McKeown - a year later and I'm still going back to this book all the time; Greg's chapter on PLAY feels especially appropriate for this month's theme
  • TRY READING: The Crossroads of Should & Must by Elle Luna - a beautiful post about freeing ourselves from the expectations of others so we can pursue what calls us from within
  • TRY WATCHING: The Little Prince on Netflix - a fantastical animated movie based on the worldwide bestseller Le Petit Prince, a novella published in 1943. Not only does the animation style and fanciful storyline totally inspire me to PLAY, but I think the theme of the movie beautifully illustrates the notion of freedom and the idea that play is indeed an essential part of a colorful, vibrant life. 

Do you have any videos, articles, books, poems, or pieces of art that inspire you to live more freely? Send them to us and we'll link it up here in the digital issue (with credit to you, of course!) Send your links to hello@madevibrant.com!