The Gallery

Click below to access exclusive printable art and wallpapers just for Color Your Soul Subscribers! Download each mindfulness mantra or sketchbook page as a desktop wallpaper, phone background OR a printable monthly calendar!

Use each piece of art as a way to let these messages sink into your psyche as you go about your month!


#ColorYourSoulDaily Challenge

Want some fun ways to practice freedom in your daily life all month long?

Check out the #ColorYourSoulDaily Challenge and workbook! I've got 30 prompts with different activities for you to explore play, possibility and acceptance. PLUS, there's a fun printable workbook with space for you to interpret each daily prompt with hand-lettering, art, photos, writing -- whatever you want!

Share your daily interpretations of each prompt on Instagram with the tag #ColorYourSoulDaily and one Color Your Soul Subscriber will be randomly selected to get a VIBRANT surprise in the mail from yours truly!

Soul Studies Journal Prompts

Bust out those writing journals, we're about to get DEEP! Look out for my Sunday emails with prompts and questions to help you interpret this month's theme in your life, your business and your creativity. (If you need to access them online at any time, you can click through the links below!)