workshop replay

Connecting With Your Core

Welcome! Thanks to those of you who were able to join this workshop live!

For those of you who weren't -- no worries! You can check out the replay below. (Also, my SINCERE apologies about the technical glitches in the beginning. If you want to pop forward to about 9:00, that's when the slides begin!) 

In this workshop, I go through the importance of recognizing your core self and taking actions in alignment with your core self. We talk about ways to define your core values and create a path completely unique to YOU, one that's true to your best, brightest self.

Also... there's an appearance by this little guy and you don't wanna miss that... ;)


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I go into the topics in this workshop way more in detail in my e-guide, complete with exercises and worksheets to help you connect with your core self. Download it for free as my thanks for signing up for this workshop!

Watch the Replay Below!