Week 1 of Freedom: Setting A Baseline

Welcome to Soul Studies -- prompts and questions to explore FREEDOM in your life, business and creativity.

I want to encourage you to pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea, get out a journal, block off 20 minutes for yourself and dig into the soulful questions below! The goal with these weekly emails is to fully embrace the monthly theme and begin to see your life through the lens of FREEDOM.

Each email has journal prompts and guiding questions to help you reflect on your present and take action toward the future you see for your life. Enjoy!

Week 1:

Setting A Baseline

In the weeks to come, we’ll work on defining what it means to feel more free for you, but let’s start by understanding where you are with this idea of freedom right now:

  • When I say list all the areas that you feel FREE in your life, what comes to mind? 

    • To get you started, answers could be: work/career; romantic relationships; friendships; family/parenthood; health; travel/cultural; connection to nature; spirituality; sense of self; mental health; creativity; hobbies; school/intellectual pursuits… you name it!
  • Let’s think about one or two of your answers. Can you get specific about what feelings you associate with that sense of being FREE?

    • For me it’s a feeling of lightness, energy, joy and flexibility.

  • Now think about any areas of your life in which you DON’T feel free. List those here.

  • What are the feelings, emotions or states of being that you associate with NOT feeling fully free in those areas?

    • For me it could show up physically, as a tightness in my chest; mentally, with worrisome thoughts before bed; or emotionally, as guilt.


Now, complete these sentences:

  • When it comes to my creativity, I feel most free when I: 

  • When it comes to my business, I feel most free when I:
    • (If you don’t have a business, feel free to substitute with “career or work.”)
  • When it comes to my life, I feel most free when I:

I hope these few short prompts have given you some interesting things to ponder this week!

The goal is to get an idea where things stand for you right now and to become aware of the intuition indicators that will let you know when you're feeling held back in the future.

Next week we’ll investigate ways you can experience even more freedom in the various aspects of your life so you can step further into your authenticity!