Week 2 of Confidence: Finding Your Courage

Hello, friend, and welcome to yet another installment of Soul Studies!

The goal of these emails is to help guide you in uncovering new insights in your life around this month’s theme of CONFIDENCE.

So… crack open that journal, play some soothing tunes, and take the next 15 minutes for YOU. Who knows what you’ll discover!

Week #2:

Finding Your Courage

I hope last week was that first nudge you needed to embrace the power within and start planting a deep sense of belief within yourself. As I’ve said, I think self-belief is the foundation to confidence. It’s what it all comes back to.

But in order to build on that belief -- to fill up that confidence bucket -- we have to put ourselves in situations that will test our self-belief, proving to ourselves what we’re made of. If belief begins with a vision planted in our heads, then confidence comes when we test that belief out on the battlefield of reality.

And doing that takes COURAGE.

When we talk about courage, we have to first talk about fear. Today’s prompts will hopefully help you dive deeper into the fears that may be holding you back from those risky testing grounds and to ponder the amazing confidence-building things that could be on the other side of that fear.

Let’s specifically think of that one area that you’d like to build your confidence. Maybe you want the confidence to share your art publicly, or approach a potential mentor, or start charging money for your services, or to publish your words on a blog or in a book. Whatever that one specific area is, I want you to first identity that thing.

Now, with that in mind, dive into these prompts:

  • What are you afraid of that is affecting your confidence in this area?

    • Tip: ask yourself this question a few times to go deeper and deeper. Sometimes a surface fear might be distracting you from something more deeply rooted in your subconscious.

  • What is the scenario that you fear most at the end of taking your bold action?

  • Now play that scenario out to its end. How would it feel if that scenario came true? How long would that feeling last? Would you survive it? Would you keep going?

  • Now compare the feeling of your worst scenario to the feeling of taking your risk and your best scenario coming true. How would that feel? (Really allow yourself to sink into it!) How many other doors would open up? How would it affect your confidence?

  • Now ask yourself: is my fear of the negative scenario really worth robbing me of the positive one? Do I want to live on the side of safety or the side of possibility and courage?

Remember, part of courage is realizing that EVEN if your worst case scenario comes true, you will be okay. That the safety net is you.

But still, even if the answers above get you to the ledge, how do you muster up that final ounce of courage to fly?

Well, even if you don’t feel confident as you step toward a moment that requires courage, I always think there is strength to be found in your truth.

For example, when I gave my TEDx talk, moments before walking on stage I felt riddled with self-doubt. What if I stumbled? What if I wasn’t strong enough to handle the pressure? What if my message didn’t resonate or wasn’t powerful?

So I dug within to find something I knew to be true, something I could draw certainty, strength and confidence from.

Truth #1: The story and lesson I was going to tell was something I really believed in. It made a big impact on me, and even if it didn't’ resonate with others, I knew I would feel good sharing it. Truth #2: I was nervous, but that was okay. My nervousness was just a reflection of the vulnerability I felt, which I knew would actually make my talk feel more impactful and real. I was able to see my fear and nervousness actually as something that made me more confident about giving my talk.

Now think about your own risky situation that could build your confidence but that you’re afraid to tackle.

  • What truth can you draw strength from? Right down 5 statements you know to be true that will help empower you to face that fear and move forward.

I know when you’re lacking confidence, courage can feel like a vague and distant notion. But I hope today’s prompts have shown you what’s on the other side of your fear and that you do have the strength within you to be courageous.

Confidence starts with belief and becomes real through courage and experience.

I hope this week’s prompts have given you plenty to think about! Wishing you a confident week!