Week 2 of Freedom: Forming A Vision

SOUL STUDIES: Prompts and questions to explore FREEDOM in your life, business and creativity.

I encourage you to pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea, get out a journal, block off 20 minutes for yourself and dig into the soulful questions below! The goal with these Sunday morning emails is to fully embrace the monthly theme and see your life through the lens of FREEDOM.

Each email has journal prompts and guiding questions to help you reflect on your present and take action toward the future you see for your life. Enjoy!

Week 2:

Forming a Vision

This is Week 2: Forming a Vision. If you’re new to Color Your Soul, I recommend reading Week 1: Setting a Baseline first! Don’t worry, you can access these Soul Studies prompts any time inside your Color Your Soul September issue!


In the weeks to come, we’ll work on defining what it means to feel more free for you, but let’s start by understanding where you are with this idea of freedom right now.

I hope last week’s prompts had you examining each area of your life more fully to understand where you are with this idea of freedom at this particular moment in time.

There are SO many components that contribute to the total vision of our daily lives, but often we get so caught up in our fast-paced lives that we forget to take inventory on where we stand with each of them. I hope that exercise was valuable for you!

This week though, I want to move from the present to the future a bit and begin visualizing a few areas in which you could feel more free. (This week is all about that POSSIBILITY subtheme we’ve been talking about!)

I want you to use the prompts below to really VISUALIZE how good your life could feel if you just free yourself from what’s holding you back.

First, using last week's inventory check, let’s take one of the areas of your life in which you’ve identified you feel held back. 

  • Close your eyes and imagine an alternate reality where that’s an area of your life in which you feel completely FREE. Describe what that reality looks like. What does it feel like? 
  • Now write down all the things you think are holding you back from that reality. Challenge yourself to really question whether those limitations/barriers are real or perceived. 
  • Are there any possible ways around those challenges or creative solutions to overcome them? 
    • (For example, maybe you feel held back by your current job situation. Your boss demands that you be available 24/7 and it leaves you feeling stressed. If the alternate reality you envision is one where you don’t have a micro-managing boss to answer to, but you think your financial situation is preventing you from changing jobs, you could take a few minutes to write down some ideas about how you could supplement your income while you transition jobs. Or you could brainstorm ways to talk to your boss about your work/life boundaries. You could come up with a plan to sell your old clothes/furniture on eBay to make enough money to look for a new job. No need to form a specific plan now, just write down some POSSIBLE solutions.)

  • Now list some things you would have to LET GO of in order to claim that reality for yourself. These could be actual, tangible things (ie. let go of your high-rent apartment) or they could be more metaphorical, intangible things (ie. let go of your childhood fantasy of working in the fashion industry.)

  • Finally, list ALL the other ways your life would improve if you freed yourself from this one restrictive area of your life. What could you possibly gain by releasing yourself from it? What possibilities could exist for your future that you haven’t let yourself entertain until now?


Now, complete these sentences:

  • When it comes to my creativity, one possibility that I have yet to let myself explore is…:
  • When it comes to my business, one possibility that I have yet to let myself explore is…: (If you don’t have a business, feel free to substitute with “career or work.”)
  • When it comes to my life, one possibility that I have yet to let myself explore is…:

By now I hope your mind has been FILLED with new possibilities to feel freer in your life.

Don’t worry though, no need to go reprogramming your life just yet. For now I just want you to hold this vision in the front of your mind and see it develop over the course of the week. Next time we’ll chat about what kind of mindset will help you claim that future you want for yourself.