Week 3 of Confidence: Developing A Practice

Hello, friend, and welcome to yet another installment of Soul Studies!

The goal of these emails is to help guide you in uncovering new insights in your life around this month’s theme of CONFIDENCE.

So… crack open that journal, play some soothing tunes, and take the next 15 minutes for YOU. Who knows what you’ll discover!

Week 3:

Developing A Practice

I hope last week’s prompts helped you dive into your fears a bit more and find courage in your truth and your strength. Armed with that courage, this week I want to now transition into taking action. (You know I loooove taking action!)

I want you to think about how you can now employ that courage to start a practice that will help build your confidence.

As you read in Stephanie’s story within this month's issue, practice is a key component to not only improving a skill, but actually improving your self-confidence in a certain skill.

I can tell you so many different instances when developing a practice --- aka doing something intentionally and consistently -- led to major breakthroughs in my confidence AND the momentum of my business or life. Whether it was committing to 30 days of hand-lettered movie quotes back in 2013 (which led to the creation of the Better Lettering Course) or my Abstract Affirmations Daily project this year, showing up on a regular basis has helped me diminish my fear of sharing my creative work little by little.

When it comes to building confidence, there’s simply no match for experience.

And that’s what “developing a practice” means to me. It’s taking deliberate, intentional action so that you can gain experience in something. With every new day or installment in that practice, you get a little better. You learn a little something new. You start to trust yourself more. And that is where confidence starts to flourish.

So, this week, use the following short prompts to develop a practice plan for the one area that you hope to gain confidence in.

  • I want to feel more confident in my _________________.

  • One small action I can complete in under 15 minutes to practice this is ____________.

  • I plan to commit to practicing this _____ times a week on these days __________ for the next _______ days/weeks.

I hope you’re realizing the same thing I am by now by exploring confidence this month -- that’s it’s not some sweeping feeling that arrives from the universe. It’s BUILT. It’s cultivated. It’s manufactured by YOU through intentional (and, sometimes, courageous) actions.

I hope these prompts will help you form a concrete plan to start practicing in the areas that you're hoping to feel more confident. Remember, as Amy Cuddy explained in her TED talk... practice it, practice it, practice it, practice it, practice it... BECOME IT.