Week 3 of Freedom: Stepping Into Your Power

SOUL STUDIES: Prompts and questions to explore FREEDOM in your life, business and creativity.

I encourage you to pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea, get out a journal, block off 20 minutes for yourself and dig into the soulful questions below! The goal with these Sunday morning emails is to fully embrace the monthly theme and see your life through the lens of FREEDOM.

Each email has journal prompts and guiding questions to help you reflect on your present and take action toward the future you see for your life. Enjoy!

Week 3:

Stepping Into Your Power

This is Week 3: Stepping into your power. If you’re new, I recommend starting with Week 1: Setting a Baseline hereand then reading Week 2: Forming A Vision. Don’t worry, you can access these Soul Studies prompts any time inside your Color Your Soul September issue!


Last time I had you explore all the possibilities that could exist if you embraced more freedom in your life. How did it feel to imagine that future for yourself? My hope is that it illuminated a future path that perhaps you hadn’t pictured for yourself until this point.

The truth is, we all have SO much more power than we give ourselves credit for. WE have the ultimate say in the life we create for ourselves. Never forget that. Sometimes we get tricked into believing that life is happening TO US when really we are the ones happening to life. We have the ability to change our circumstances if we commit to taking action and getting out of our own way.

This week I’m asking you to get really honest about what is holding you back, and I'm challenging you to dig deep to find the source of your own power.

To start, I want you to think about the phrase “I can’t.” In my experience, when we say I can’t, what we really mean is “I’M SCARED.” It’s easier to believe something is outside of our ability than it is to confront a scary or uncomfortable thing that IS actually within our ability, but that's what today's prompts are about.


So, first up, let’s take a few of those possibilities that you’ve started to envision for your life, those possibilities that would require you to let go of something holding you back and experience more freedom.

Write down why you “can’t” claim one of those possibilities as your reality right now:

For example: “I can’t attend that artists’ retreat program in New Zealand I’ve had my eye on because it’s too expensive and too far away from home.”


“I can’t drop out of law school because I’ve already paid too much money in tuition and I won’t be able to find another job."


    Now, I want you to rewrite these possibilities in a NEW format:

    For example: “It’s easier to believe I can’t than it is to admit I’m just afraid of being by myself in a new place and a country I’m not accustomed to. I’m afraid of the uncomfortable feeling of not knowing anyone in the program and I’m scared my art won’t be good enough compared to everyone else’s. ”


    “It’s easier to believe I can’t than it is to admit I’m just afraid of letting my parents down who paid for part of my law school tuition. I’m afraid I won’t find something else I’m good at, and I’m afraid that people will see me as a quitter. ”

    (Write this down as many times as you need to get to your truth!)


    Now that you’ve uncovered your own fears that are masquerading as barriers to this freer life, remind yourself of how it would feel to overcome those fears and actually make these possibilities your reality.

    For example: When I think of the freedom that comes with signing up for this artists’ retreat, it makes me feel excited and joyful and bold and ALIVE. This freedom is worth claiming because I know I’ll be able to grow as a person and artist in ways that are profound. I’ll always wonder what if if I don’t go.


    When I think of the freedom that comes with dropping out of law school, it makes me feel relieved and independent and like I have a fresh start. This freedom is worth claiming because I know deep down that this career is not what I want for my life and I no amount of success is worth this kind of stress that I feel.


    Now I want you to remind yourself of all the reasons you ARE capable of making this a reality. If it helps, write down some ways in the past that you’ve proven to yourself that you can overcome your fears and take a step in the direction of your dreams.

    For example: “I have the power to claim this as a possibility for my life because I AM resourceful and easy to get along with. I know with the right amount of planning, I can save enough money to travel to New Zealand. I’ve made new friends before and I can do it in this program. I believe in my art because it’s an expression of me and I won’t compare it to anyone else’s.”


    “I have the power to claim this as a possibility for my life because I AM strong and decisive and I have a vision for the kind of happiness I deserve.”


    Now, lastly I’ll leave you with one final question this time:

    If you don’t claim this freedom for yourself, who will? Who can possibly show up and hand you a freer, more fulfilling life if not yourself?

    I know this week was full of some hard-hitting questions, but I also know that this kind of work has the power to literally change the course of your life.

    You have ALL the tools within you to design a life that is deeply fulfilling to you. All you need is to imagine what’s possible, identify the fears that are holding you back, and claim your own power to overcome them.

    Finally, next week we’ll talk about some practical steps you can take now to turn these possibilities into your reality.