Week 3 of Renewal: Getting Aligned

SOUL STUDIES: Prompts and questions to explore RENEWAL in your life, business and creativity.

This is your weekly reminder to carve out time for yourself, anchor yourself to your values and contemplate how you can allow the monthly theme to permeate throughout everything you do.

So… crack open that journal, and commit yourself to the prompts and exercises below! This is how you leverage your Color Your Soul subscription the most -- by absorbing these insights and then actually applying them in your life!


Getting Aligned

This month we’ve talked about embracing novelty in your life and your routines, and paying attention to your energy sources in an effort to stay fueled. 

Now I want to shift our attention to possibly the most important part of renewal: checking back in with your values to make sure your actions moving forward are in alignment with the life you want to design for yourself. 

I find that people often struggle with defining their values for a few reasons. For starters, if we’ve been living on autopilot for a while, it’s hard to discern what actions we’ve been taking to please other people and what actions we’ve been taking that stem from our core selves (and core desires). The latter is a more accurate representation of our true values, but we have to find a way to mentally separate the two to get to the heart of what we really want. 

Values are also difficult to unearth because they’re often intangible. They rest under the surface, and they're hidden in the motivations behind our decisions. In my experience, the best way to discover them is by looking for patterns in our behavior

What do we feel drawn to over and over again? What actions make us feel lit up on the inside — and, to go one step further, what is it exactly about those actions that resonate with our core selves? 

These are all questions that require a level of introspection, which isn’t always easy. However, I truly believe that the key to building a life that is deeply satisfying and rich is in understanding these values. Once you do, that’s when you can start to design your experiences around them. You can do MORE of what you love and less of what you don’t. More of what fills you up, less of what drains you. More of what brings you meaning, less of what feels empty. 

I’ve compiled 20 questions that I think will help lead you to your current values. I encourage you to download this week’s accompanying Insight Sheet — Defining Your Values — to try and uncover your current 3-5 values that you want to be guiding your next chapter. 

    As for me, I actually used this Insight Sheet myself to check back in on my own values. I discovered that right now, my top values are: flexibilityenergycreative growth, and stability

    It was interesting for me to go through the sheet because my answers were slightly different than times I’ve completed a similar exercise in the past. The biggest insight I gleaned was that I’m really craving stability this year, something I haven’t needed as much in the past. Maybe it’s from growing older, maybe it’s a natural evolution of my business — who knows! Those are questions I plan to dive deeper on. 

    The important part is that now, in this time of renewal, I’ve identified that I need to be taking actions that are in the interest of setting a foundation of stability, but also maintain a certain level of flexibility. The puzzle of trying to balance those four forces I mentioned above is the creative practice of life itself! It’s a challenge that I relish and that I look forward to. 

    I hope this week’s exercise helps you define your own values as they sit now, and I hope you’ll share them with me over in Slack! 

    Sending you light this week!