Week 4 of Confidence: Making A Plan

Welcome to Soul Studies -- prompts and questions to explore CONFIDENCE in your life, business and creativity.

The goal of these emails is to help guide you in uncovering new insights in your life around this month’s theme of CONFIDENCE.

So… crack open that journal, play some soothing tunes, and take the next 15 minutes for YOU. Who knows what you’ll discover!

WEEK #4:

Making A Plan

We've journeyed our way through the ownershipcourage, and practice it takes to cultivate confidence. I hope each of our stops along the way have brought you some sort of tiny insight that you'll be able to carry forward.

You all know I believe insight is nothing without action, and so I think it's really important that with all this reflection we still take time to acknowledge how we can practically implement these insights in our lives.

So, for this final Soul Studies installment, I wanted to try something a little different.

I've created a sort of "actionable manifesto" -- a fill in the blank of sorts that will ask you to make a plan for implementing each one of our confidence subthemes moving forward.

Then, feel free to print this manifesto out and keep it close as a reminder of the confidence that lies within you.


Confidence: A Manifesto

“In taking ownership over my own life, today I am CHOOSING to believe in myself. I know that true confidence can only grow when a seed is planted in belief, so even when I have a hard time believing my abilities, I promise to believe in my potential. “

YOUR PROMPT: One action I plan to take to remind myself of this belief is ______________________. (Examples: Hang my confidence manifesto by my desk and read it daily; keep a list of my strengths as my desktop background; record myself a pep talk and play it as my alarm; etc.)

“I know that I feel most confident when I trust myself and my abilities, and in order to build that trust I know I have to find the courage to take on experiences I might be fearful of. I will draw courage from what I know to be true and the many strengths I know I have. I want the confidence boost waiting for me on the other side of those moments of courage MORE than I’m afraid to face them.”

YOUR PROMPT: One action I plan to take to build up my courage is _______________________. (Examples: Commit to doing one thing that scares me every month; decide to finally do that live video I’ve been so afraid to do; write down my worst-case-scenario every time I’m afraid so I will see it’s actually not that bad.)

“Finally, I know that the best way to feel secure in my abilities is simply to practice them. To try something over and over, to intentionally repeat those tiny moments of courage, until I practice it so much that I become it.”

YOUR PROMPT: One action I plan to take to practice my confidence in one area of my life is _____________________. (Examples: speak in public five times before the end of the year; try painting for 20 minutes every Saturday; send out pitch emails to be a guest contributor until someone says yes.)

“Though we may think of confidence as a feeling that comes TO US, more accurately it is something that comes FROM US. I will remember that I have more control over my own confidence than I think, and when I feel it’s lacking, I’ll take the necessary steps to engage in experiences that will spark my inner confidence once again."

"I am capable. I am remarkable. I am confident in my ability to accomplish amazing things."


I hope you've enjoyed four weeks of soul-stirring prompts around confidence. Remember, as with most things in life, the power lies within YOU.