Week 4 of Freedom: Making A Plan

SOUL STUDIES: Prompts and questions to explore FREEDOM in your life, business and creativity.

I encourage you to pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea, get out a journal, block off 20 minutes for yourself and dig into the soulful questions below! The goal with these Sunday morning emails is to fully embrace the monthly theme and see your life through the lens of FREEDOM.

Each email has journal prompts and guiding questions to help you reflect on your present and take action toward the future you see for your life. Enjoy!

This is Week 4: Making A Plan. If you’re new, I recommend heading back to start with Week 1: Setting a Baseline, then Week 2: Forming A Vision and Week 3: Stepping Into Your Power. Don’t worry, you can access these prompts any time inside your Color Your Soul September issue!


Alright, friends!

It’s been an amazing month of play AND deep discovery! I hope this series has led you to some interesting lines of thought about what’s POSSIBLE for your life, what you might be holding onto that’s actually holding you back, and the fears or doubts that could be forming a cage between you and your freest, most authentic life (something I REALLY want for you!)

As most of you know, while I’m a big believer in insight and the power of self-awareness, I also know that having that AH-HA moment will mean nothing if you don’t follow it up with some ACTION.

So, this last Soul Studies note is all about making a plan.

Let’s talk about some things you can do this week to make a step toward that new reality -- that life with more FREEDOM -- that you’re (hopefully) picturing by now.

Start by choosing ONE THING that’s bubbled up for you throughout the previous exercises, one alternate reality or POSSIBILITY that you desire for your future path.

Now answer the questions below with that one thing in mind:

  • What skills would you need to develop or acquire to make this possibility a reality (be honest, don’t use this question as a stalling tactic!)
  • What do you plan to let go of/get rid of in order to make this possibility a reality?
  • Is there anyone you can reach out to that will help you stay accountable to make this possibility a reality? 
  • What’s one thing you can accomplish by the end of the year that will get you closer to making this a reality?
  • What’s one thing you can accomplish by the end of the month that will get you closer to making this a reality?
  • What’s one thing you can accomplish TODAY that will get you closer to making this a reality?

Remember, life doesn’t happen to you, YOU HAPPEN TO LIFE.

You have the power to open your own cage door and let yourself fly. It may take some planning, some decisiveness, and likely a bit of courage, but what’s on the other side is a version of your life where you are able to break free from what’s holding you back.

I hope this Soul Studies series has been heart-opening for you, and I’ll be back in your inbox next week with an all new series to complement the October issue!