Week 4 of Gratitude: Making A Plan

Welcome to Soul Studies -- prompts and questions to explore GRATITUDE in your life, business and creativity.

This is your weekly wake up call to spend that 15 minutes, go back to your values, and actually let the monthly theme permeate your consciousness and your daily life.

So… pour yourself your favorite beverage, open up a journal, and commit yourself to the prompts and exercises below! This is how you leverage your Color Your Soul subscription the most -- by absorbing these insights and then actually applying them in your life!

Week 4:

Making A Plan

Alright, friends. As you know, the final week in each Soul Studies series is always about how we can continue to use the monthly theme in our lives moving forward. This is the time to develop a plan for ourselves so that the lessons we’ve learned these past four weeks don’t just disappear into the routine of our days.

Hopefully, through last week’s post on developing a practice, you’ve been able to explore new practical ways to fold gratitude into your day. But again, this week is about galvanizing that practice and making the commitment to keep including it as part of your life.

Before we get to that, a question:

In exploring the CYS issue or in seeing your own life through the lens of this monthly theme, are there any moments that stand out or overall insights about gratitude that have come to your attention?

If so, take a moment to write those down so you can remember the impact that a focus on gratitude has had for you.  


Now, to get you thinking about what that plan might look like, I have three more simple questions that I want you to consider:


  1. What’s one ACTION you can take at the beginning of each day to start your morning with gratitude? Write it down.


  2. What’s one ACTION you can take at the end of each day to close your evening with gratitude? Write it down.


  3. Finally, what’s one mantra you can say to yourself to bring you back to the present moment when you find your mind drifting to the past or the future?



As I’ve mentioned, The Five-Minute Journal has been immensely helpful to me for cultivating a morning and evening practice of gratitude, but I’ve also included reminders on my phone at 9am and 9pm as a back-up for the days when I slide back into my old ways and forget to carve out that time for gratitude.

As for my mantra, when I’m feeling worried about the future or fixated on the past or even stuck in my own head and clueless to the present moment, I simply say to myself “Come back to NOW.”

So that’s my plan! Now, what’s yours?

I’ve LOVED this entire month and it really has allowed me to see the idea of gratitude with more respect. No longer do I treat the concept as some sort of fad or mushy idea; I now know it to be a very powerful, impactful way to bring more sustained happiness to my life.

It has kept me focused on what I HAVE rather than what I don’t have, and ultimately I think that’s what makes the difference when it comes to sustained happiness.

I intend on making an effort to keep it top of mind moving forward, and I hope you do too!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the past few weeks of journal prompts and I hope this month of gratitude has enriched your life! Thanks for sharing the journey with me!