Week 4 of Renewal: Sustaining the Change

Hello beautiful friends,

Today I’m sad to say this will be the final installment of Soul Studies. 

(If you haven’t read my email earlier this week titled “The future of Color Your Soul” I encourage you to check that out now! You can also read a version of it here.) 

But, in spite of my disappointment that Color Your Soul won’t be continuing in its current manifestation, I’m so unbelievably proud and grateful that together we’ve covered some amazing mindfulness topics at the intersection of creativity and personal growth. 

We talked about FREEDOM. Embracing play just for the joy of it. Welcoming possibility and breaking free from the limits we place on ourselves. Embodying acceptance and wholeness as a means of releasing comparison and self-judgment.

We talked about CONFIDENCE. Taking ownership of your inner power. Having the courage to stretch beyond your fears and risk vulnerability. And committing to practice to build self-trust with experience.

We talked about GRATITUDE. Waking up to the present moment to discover all you have right now. Using perspective to highlight all we might take for granted. Channeling that presence and perspective through action in order to really see the benefits of daily gratitude.

We talked about WONDER. Seeking out opportunities for awe and expansion. Following your curiosity as a trail to discovery. Finding delight in the moments that we might consider mundane at first glance. 

And we talked about RENEWAL. Opening yourself up to novelty. Staying mindful of vitality and what makes you feel fueled. Finally, returning to alignment to make sure your goals and actions are in harmony with your current values. 

In a strange way, I feel like these five topics have come full circle for me. What began with freedom (my unwavering value compass) came back around to alignment, illuminating for me the fact that my actions actually weren’t in harmony with my own value of freedom. I was so focused on what I wanted to give with Color Your Soul, that I ignored for too long what it was taking away. 

In that way, Color Your Soul ironically pulled me away from my vibrant core and brought me back to it at the same time. (This work is full of those little ironies.)

Today’s email was supposed to about “sustaining the change” of renewal, but I've decided I want it to be about what we can all take away and sustain from all five of these themes. 

For each theme, I’ve listed a guiding question to check in with yourself regularly, as well as room to write just one intention around how you intend to infuse each Color Your Soul theme into your life moving forward. 

All the fancy worksheets and exercises in the world have never stuck quite so much for me as this simply “Insight + Action” formula. I truly believe one powerful question plus one intentional action is valuable enough to keep you close to your path of truth.

  • Freedom

    • When does my core self feel most free?
    • Intention setting: What's ONE regular action you can take to keep freedom in your life. 
      • For me it's re-prioritizing time in my studio, the place I feel most free.
  • Confidence

    • How can demonstrate more belief in myself and cultivate self-trust?
    • Intention setting: What's ONE regular action you can take to keep confidence in your life. 
      • For me it's staying far away from a comparison mindset and committing daily time (even 15 minutes) to practice my craft.
  • Gratitude

    • What am I grateful for?
    • Intention setting: What's ONE regular action you can take to keep gratitude in your life. 
      • For me it's using my 5-minute journal on a daily basis -- I love that thing!
  • Wonder

    • How can I pay attention to the magic surrounding me? 
    • Intention setting: What's ONE regular action you can take to keep wonder in your life. 
      • For me it's paying attention to the details and staying present when I travel or walk. (Just yesterday I was laying down outside and watched a palm tree in the breeze that looked like bicycle streamers. It was delightful!)
  • Renewal

    • What steps can I take to reinvigorate myself and bring about sustainable change?
    • Intention setting: What's ONE regular action you can take to keep renewal in your life. 
      • For me it's setting regular check-ins (actually on my calendar!) to evaluate my routines and environment for what is bringing me energy and what is draining my energy.


have LOVED creating this five issues for you, and I have loved connecting with you all on these deeper, richer topics. I know that the lessons I’ve learned through this endeavor will show up even more beautifully in a future projects, and for that I’m grateful that we went on this journey together!

I’ll be cancelling all the memberships through our management system today so if you receive a confirmation email, don’t be alarmed. Remember, moving forward, you can access your CYS dashboard by using the password “coloryoursoul” -- no email login necessary. 

I want to leave you guys with the quote that led the very first Freedom issue by Dr. Brené Brown: "Let go of who you think you're supposed to be and embrace who you ARE." 


Who I think I'm supposed to be is someone who has it all figured out and pushes through no matter what; who I actually am is someone who is learning as I go and refuses to push through anything if it's not aligned with my core and values. 

I hope you'll keep the Color Your Soul themes close to heart, and keep listening to that core compass that wants to guide you! 

Love and LIGHT to all of you!